How to Increase Subscribers to YouTube Channel in Free

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10 min readMay 27, 2021

How to increase Subscribers on YouTube Channel for free: — People are earning millions of rupees by creating a YouTube channel, if you can make some good videos, then you too can start earning money like all YouTubers.

The YouTube Team has placed a Criteria to earn money from YouTube channels. The YouTube Team has placed a Criteria to earn money from YouTube channels.

In which you should have at least 1,000 Subscribers on your YouTube Channel and together with that you should have 4,000 hours of Public Watch-Time, including all videos.

Only then the monetization of your channel will be started and after that, you will start receiving money from YouTube.

So in today’s article, I will tell you how to increase Subscribers on the YouTube channel. (Ways to make money with YouTube Channel)

So if you have also started a new YouTube channel and your channels are not growing Subscribers, you can use these methods mentioned above and get good results.

How to increase Subscribers on YouTube Channel?

When a Creator creates a new YouTube channel, he wants that his channel should also start growing Subscribers.

But increasing Subscriber is not so easy, for this you will have to work hard on your channel.

So, I can tell you what to do to increase Subscribers.

So come, one by one knows all the things that can increase Subscriber on YouTube channel: -

1. Regular Video Upload

This is the only way that no one can stop the growth of Subscribers on your channel, by using this method you can increase Subscribers on the YouTube channel for Free.

I am also a Creator, and I can understand very well that you people cannot upload Daily Videos. But you must upload at least one video every week.

This means that all the people who have watched your last video, even if they have not subscribed to your channel,

But still when you upload a new video, that YouTube Impression of your video reaches all those people. And then when your video came back to those people,

some of them will definitely subscribe to your channel.

There are many benefits of uploading regular videos, such as: — When you do a regular video shoot, then you know how to speak it in the video. How to increase the quality of the video, you gradually get to know all these things.

2. Promote Video with Google Ads

This is not the way to increase Subscribers on the YouTube channel for Free, so you will have to spend some money.

Google Ads is a platform from where you can run ads on YouTube by giving Google some money to promote your YouTube video. And whoever clicks on that ads can see your video, if you have made a good video, then they will definitely subscribe to your channel as well.

It is not necessary that Views of all YouTubers come Organic There are many YouTubers who are promoting videos from Google Ads even after being good Subscribers.

If you have just created a new channel, then do not spend money to promote your videos. Because when you are a new YouTuber, you do not know how to make videos properly at that time and in such a way if you promote your video.

So it is possible that your money is also spent and you do not get good results. So that’s why you should first learn how to make quality videos and then promote the subscriber by promoting videos with Google Ads.

Try this method only for those people who are making good videos but still they are not getting good impressions.

3. By sharing video on social media

You must have heard from many people that if Subscribers are not increasing on your YouTube Channel or Views are not coming, then you can share your videos on Social Media and bring Views.

And then when you have used this method too, it may be that you still have not seen the views.

So let me tell you what is the right way to get views by sharing YouTube videos on social media?

First of all, let me tell you what mistake you must have made if you are sharing a video on Facebook, then assume that the Facebook group in which you shared the video.

So the group was related to Makeup and the video you shared in that group was a video of a Tech Channel, so how will such views come.

If your video is a video of the Tech Channel, then you will not share your video in the same group as Tech, only then the views will be seen and there should be more active members in that Facebook group.

So now you must have known how the views are brought by sharing videos in Facebook group.

Now let’s talk about those people who share videos on WhatsApp, then you people only have to share such videos. (How to create Intro for YouTube Channel)

For those who like to watch your videos, such views will also increase on your videos and Subscriber will also increase on the channel.

4. Make Good Thumbnail

Making a good Thumbnail is the main role is to get good views on any video, you work as hard as you can to make a video good.

You should also work equally hard to make Thumbnails when good views will start coming on your YouTube channel.

Then your channel’s Subscriber will start growing on its own, so you just try hard to get views on your video, you will start getting Subscriber on your own.

And in order to get views on the video, you will need to make a good Thumbnail and if possible, you can also do a little click-bait in Thumbnail.

Many big YouTubers also do this, but if you do click-bait up to a limit, if you do more, your audience can also annoy you and unsubscribe.

You can use the Pixellab Application on mobile to make good Thumbnails and this app is absolutely free.

And if you use a laptop or computer, then you can use Adobe Photoshop for it, otherwise, you have to read the software. But you can also use it by downloading Crack Version (but you have to use it at your own risk).

5. To create a video, first, write the script

I believe that everyone should write a script before recording a video, it has many advantages.

Like, suppose when you make any video, at that time you do not remember all the things that you have to say in that video.

And because of this, it takes a lot of time to make a video and your video also cannot be made properly.

So in this way, this script will definitely help you, before you make a video, write a script and write all the necessary things in it, whatever you are going to tell in that video.

After this, when you record the video, keep that script with you and if you forget something while making the video, then see it and speak from that script.

There will also be time saved in making such videos and while editing the video, you will have to spend less cut and in this way, you will be able to talk well with your audience in the video,

So when you make such videos, people will also like to see them, then they will definitely subscribe to your channel as well.

So in this way, Subscribers can increase on your channel, you can also use this method to increase the subscriber.

6. Enter Title, Tags, and Description correctly

If you make Comedy videos or any such video, then you can write anything in the title.

But for those people who are making videos like Mobile, Computer or Tips Tricks and Daily News, then it is very important to write the title, tags and description correctly.

Because if you write it correctly then your video will come in the search results and from there whoever will watch your video, of them will also subscribe to the channel.

For any topic on which you are making a video, first, do keyword research and then after that, you add the same keyword to the title, tags, and description of your video.

By doing this, the chances of ranking your videos increase, and in the same way your views and Subscriber will also increase.

7. Use YouTube Shorts

YouTube has recently launched its Shots Video Platform which is still in Beta Testing.

And by uploading the video here, you have the chance of getting good views according to the rest of the video.

Because YouTube itself is giving good Reach to the people on this platform so that more and more people use it.

When your videos become viral here, your Subscriber will also automatically grow, which will also like to see your old videos or new videos which you upload.

And instead of making a long video, you can also upload a 1-minute video by uploading it, this is a very good way to increase the Recommendation of your channel.

If those of you are not using YouTube Shorts, then I would advise you to use it.

8. Collab with Channels with Related Content

If your Subscribers are not growing in the manner mentioned above, then you can do one more thing,

Whichever channel your channel is on Topic, make a list of other channels of the same topic, and then see in which channel the Viewers are active.

That is, there are so many channels in those channels which get more views, after that, you have to contact all these channels.

And you have to ask to make a video with them, and as many of these YouTubers believe, to make a video together, then make a video with them.

You upload a video on your channel and the other video will be uploaded on their channel. In this way, if the audience of that other channel likes your video, then they will definitely subscribe to your channel as well.

To know the contact details of the respective channels, you can check the details of their videos, all by writing the link and Gmail ID of their Instagram account.

9. Speak Audience to Channel Subscriber in all your videos

When you make a video, you should keep a lot of things in mind at that time, one of them is that in the middle of the video, you have to remind the audience.

That you subscribe to their channel, but the whole video is just you say it once or twice. This thing should not be repeated again or else the Audience can be angry with this thing.

Many times, good views go on the video, but more subscribers are not able to come from that video, because some people do not even know that they have to subscribe.

Therefore, it is very important to speak in order to subscribe to every video.

Or you can use Lower Third Animation instead, Subscribe comes written below the video.

It is also known that the channel has to be subscribed, this thing has to be done while editing the video.

10. Go to Related Channels and comment on this

This method will not be able to work as much as the rest of the methods, but sometimes by doing this thing, there are chances of increasing the Subscriber.

When you watch any YouTube video, a lot of people have already made comments there, a lot of them are very good.

And any comment that gets more Likes, the comment comes up on its own or the owner of that channel is pinning the best comment.

Now whoever comes to comment or read on that video, then if your video appears at the top, then some of them click on your comment,

By turning on your channel, you will watch videos and if they like your videos, they will also subscribe to your channel.

So these were some of the 10 ways to increase the Subscriber on the YouTube channel in Free, after which Susbcriber will definitely increase on your channels too.

Never make this mistake in the matter of increasing Subscribers on the YouTube Channel.

A lot of people also do that when they start YouTube channel, only after uploading the first video, they see that the subscriber of my channel is not increasing.

And in this affair, they also commit a lot of mistakes that they should not do and then they leave their dream of being successful on YouTube after being disappointed.

So if you also want to get Sucess on YouTube, then let us know what mistakes you should not make in the matter of growing Subscribers on YouTube.

You will find many such sites on the Internet that increase money on your channel by increasing the Subscriber, the Subscriber increases but they go back after a few days and in such a way your money also becomes useless.

In order to increase the subscriber on the channel, if any of you asks for access to the channel, then they do not need to tell anything, in that case, they do your channel Hack.

So these were some of the mistakes that I have seen, people often do the same things in you, which do not benefit anyone, just you are doing a loss of time by doing all these things.

Instead, you create original content and increase Subscriber in Free.

So all the people who have read this article and you have been working hard on YouTube for a long time, but still, the Subscriber is not growing on your channels.

So you can use these methods mentioned by us, you will gradually get to see better results than before.

So friends, how did you like our article (How to increase Susbcriber on YouTube channel for free), comment below and tell me if there is any problem related to YouTube, then I will try to solve your problem.

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