How to create an affiliate blog? Earn money by promoting products

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Earn money by promoting products

How to create an affiliate blog- friends, there are many ways to earn money from a blog, out of which there are mainly two ways which are used to monetize the blog.

Most blogs are monetized by Google Adsense and another way is Affiliate Marketing, through this we can earn money by writing about any product on our blog and promoting that product.

And almost all of you in the blog with Google Adsense will be well aware of how those blogs are made.

In today’s post, you will get to learn how to create a blog for Affiliate Marketing by Affiliate Marketing Expert (Barkat) Founder of Blogging Cage.

If you have even a little knowledge about Affiliate Marketing, then you must read this post of ours, you will get to learn a lot from it.

How to create an affiliate blog?

Today many people are earning millions of rupees by monetizing their blog through Affiliate Marketing, and on the other hand, the blog is monetizing with Google Adsense and they are also getting good traffic, due to low CPC, they are not able to earn that much money. is.

Whoever is reading this post, there will be some people who have some information about Affiliate Blog, but they do not know on which topic to start an Affiliate Blog.

So today you will learn the same things how to start an Affiliate Blog and earn money from it. Let us know what are the first things you have to do to start an Affiliate Blog.

Identify Your Niche/Category

Before creating an Affiliate Blog, you have to decide which topic you will create related content on your blog?

You have to choose a category in which later when you write a post, you can promote some products in it.

Keywords Research

Google is the best way to bring traffic to any blog, if you do good research on keywords and write a good article on those keywords, then your article will definitely rank.

After choosing a Niche / Category for the Blog, the most important work is keywords research, for this, there are some Paid Tools and some Free Tools too. In Free Tools, you can use tools like Ubersuggest, Wordtracker.

Keywords research is very important, if we write an article without doing keyword research, then it is possible that no one searches for that keyword.

So in this article, no traffic will be able to come on that article, nor will you be able to earn much money.

How to choose keywords

How to choose the right keywords for your article on which you can easily rank.

If you have seen people, then many times, in all the tools that are done by keyword research, the same keyword is shown in a tool with a very low difficulty key, and the same keyword with very high competition in the other tool Keyword shows

In such a situation, you have a lot of difficulty in choosing the right Keyword.

So for this, you have to manually check that Keyword. Search your Keyword in Google and see the above 10 Websites of all the results you got there and see how much their Domain Authority and Domain Age are.

If the website which is ranking on that keyword is 8–10 years old, then it may take a lot of time for you to get ranked there and it may be that you could not be ranked.

That is why you should always work on such keywords, on which the websites with low domain age are ranking, then in such a situation, you can make better content by ranking from them.

Domain Name Registration

Now comes another important step and that is Domain Name Registration, so let’s know how to choose Domain Name.

Before booking a domain, we must take care of some things and that is that whenever you take a domain, it should be known by the name of which topic your blog is on.

It should not be that Tech is written in your domain name and whatever article you are writing is related to all the cooking.

And if you add the name of any brand to your domain name, then you may also have to pay a fine for it. So, therefore, whoever registers the Domain Name should not have the name of any other brand in it.

To book a domain, Godaddy or Namecheap can use both these websites to do a domain book.

And if you do not understand what you keep your domain name, then for that you have to do mainsearch.Com.

After this, when this website will be open, then you write it in the Search Box, on which topic you are going to make your blog as if I have written Grocery,

All the domains available related to Grocery have been shown to us here.

Now in this, we can book any domain you want to book by going to Godaddy or Namecheap.

Web Hosting

I have often seen people that they keep searching for cheap hosting, due to which they are also very upset later.

So for this, I would like to tell you that, So whenever you buy any hosting, first of all, see that where is the data center of that hosting company.

If you want to rank your website in the USA, then for that you have to choose a hosting whose data center is in the USA or around it.

I am saying this because you must be aware that when we have to rank any of our posts, then the website of Google Search Result will show only the top speed, so that’s why

The country we are targeting, if there is a data center in the same country, then the pages will load very quickly, then our posts will also be able to rank quickly in Google.

Company Greengeeks is the best hosting provider I have seen so far. If you buy Hosting for one year in this, then you will get a Premium Domain for 1 year only for free.

If you buy it from somewhere else, then you would have to pay 600–700 rupees extra. That money is left over here.

And if you already have a website and you are looking for good hosting then Clouodways will be good for you. Here your loading speed will also be quite good and your high traffic also takes it comfortably.

Setup Theme & Plugins

Hosting must be good to fasten the loading speed of the blog, and with that, we also make a huge difference from whoever puts the theme and plugins on that website.

Because there are many such themes that are of very high size, due to which the loading time increases even more, then I will tell the names of some free themes and lightweight themes which you can use in your affiliate blog…

The free version of both these themes is also available, you can also use them if you want. And if you purchase these themes, then you also get a lot of special features in them.

I have also made a video about how to set up the theme, you will also find it on my YouTube Channel.

After having a full Theme Setup, the next task is that whatever themes are necessary, to use them in the blog, then these are some of the most important plugins that you should definitely use if you are creating an Affiliate Blog.

  • Contact Form 7
  • Easy Table Of Contents
  • Elementor
  • Pretty Link Blogger Edition
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Stackable
  • Tablepress
  • GetAAWP (For Amazon Affiliate Blog)

These are some important WordPress plugins that we must use in our Affiliate Blog.

Which Affiliate Program Should I Join?

Before starting Affiliate Blog, we should decide that we have to promote which products according to our Niche on the blog.

So if you can, make a list of 10 such products in advance that you can promote. By the way, there are many affiliate programs that you can join, you can join these affiliate programs.

So these are some 3 affiliate programs that you can join. And here you get products from different categories, which you can earn money by promoting through your Affiliate Blog.

How to create content for Affiliate Blog?

After the Affiliate Blog is created, we have to publish the content on it, so how to create content for it that more and more people click on our Affiliate Link and buy that product.

So for this, I am going to tell you all about the method that I use. First of all, search the topic on which you are going to write a post in Google and copy the link of any one of the posts from there.

Then after that link check in Semrush that how many posts are ranked on that keyword, what is their search volume, how much is KD,

Then search the same keywords on Google and check the 10–15 pages of those which are already the page in Google Search Results.

Then whatever is the best-written post among them, you have to make a good post from that post so that your content can be ranked quickly.

How long can it take to get a blog rank?

It can be a little difficult to tell how long it takes to get a blog rank because there are more than 200 factors due to the rank of any blog or post, due to which the blog can be ranked.

First of all, it is seen that in every post you have written, that is the Focus Keyword. If he is a Long Tail Keyword and the competition in it is also low.

And if you have created good content from the already ranked post on the same keyword, then it may take 1–2 months for your post to be ranked.

But it all depends on how you have done the ON-PAGE SEO for that post? Whether or not to create backlinks correctly.

Sometimes it can take 7–8 months for a post to be ranked. All this happens on your Keyword, what is the Keyword that you want to rank on the Keyword.


So if you also want to start your own Affiliate Blog, then definitely people who do not even have information about Blogging, can also learn because you still have time.

So if you liked this post of our Affiliate Blog Kaise Banaye, you can tell us by commenting below and also share this post with your friends who were also looking for ways to earn money online.

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